Why mobile technology makes sense in the 21st century classroom

It’s clear the ‘traditional’ classroom is beginning to take on a new shape…..BEHOLD THE 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM IS HERE!

The 21st century classroom to me is a classroom where technology is incorporated into everyday learning, it’s those tech savvy classrooms which use iPads to teach core subjects instead of relying on out dated , non-interactive (in other words… boring) text books.
Justine Isard (2012) argues that this is a fantastic way of making teaching and learning more real and relevant, she explains this is the case because the current generation, which has become known as the ‘Touch Generation’ (due to a huge exposure to tablets/touch technology in their lives) are closely linked to their mobile technology. I agree the ‘ Touch Generation’ seems to be super glued to their mobile technology… just look around you are bound to see a young person with a tablet or mobile phone in their hands or at least close by them.

So we now understand that by using mobile technology in the classroom, the teaching and learning experience will become more relevant for students, not only that but it can become more ‘student centred’ and students can learn at their own pace (Isard ,2012 ). However that doesn’t mean that as teachers we can start handing out iPads and expect students to do their own learning. John Hattie has found that the effectiveness of a teacher accounts for 30% of variance in students learning (Hattie, 2003, P. 2). This means teachers must have a clear focus on the learning outcomes they want their students to achieve, an iPad is there simply to enhance the learning experience (Isard, 2012)

The 21st century classroom may be taking shape right now but there will always be one thing that will remain the same and that is, the teacher’s role, the teacher will always have control of their classroom, therefore it will become the teacher’s choice on how they will incorporate the use of mobile technology in their lessons. Mobile technology like the iPad will NEVER replace the teacher’s role in the classroom.


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