Too Cool for School? No Way!


How does technology fit into education?

The media today is heavily focused on technology in schools broadcasting it as a new phenomenon however; technology in schools is not a new phenomenon (Park 2008), for years education has been changing from using simple technologies like a projector to more advanced ones like an interactive smart board, now classrooms have even begun to integrate iPads into daily lessons – a technology which has not been specifically designed for educational use.

The introduction of technology into schools has raised many issues and opportunities for our students and teachers, Due to technology not being solely invented for educational purposes teachers must be creative, smart and manipulate or ’re-purpose’ technology to suit educational needs (Mishra and Koehler 2009), a way they can do this is to follow the TPACK framework.

The TPACK framework recognises that the two main features of teaching is pedagogy and subject matter, educators must be aware of how they can use pedagogy to make the content matter accessible to students so they can understand it. By highlighting the 2 main features of teaching and incorporating them into technology use in education, the TPACK (technological pedagogical and content knowledge) framework is created.

Teachers must have the knowledge concerning the use of technology and be willing to experiment with new technologies that may be beneficial to education. By following the TPACK framework educators and students can reap the benefits of using technology in education.

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One Response to Too Cool for School? No Way!

  1. nd20121050 says:

    I think you make a very good point in saying that technology in schools is not a new phenomenon. Obviously the resources we use in classrooms are constantly changing and I think it’s very important that teachers understand this (and understand that the developments are a good thing that can be helpful to learning). As you said experimenting is the best way to do this in conjunction with a “give it a go” attitude something that (hopefully) all new teachers can possess and can pass on to those who don’t.

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