ICT’s in Education

Review of ICT’s to use in education.

1. Bubbl.us

Description: Simple Brainstroming/mind mapping tool

Advantages: Free, easy to use, easily accessible,no log on required

Disadvantages:  limitations on functions,dependant on internet,difficult to save/export it, can’t add media into it,can’s be used on ipads,slow to load

Use in classroom: This can be used for simple mind maps,good and easy substitute for paper.


Description: Maths website contains resources,games and activities

Advantages: Free, easy to use,  motivating, fun, colourful, different pages for children,teachers and parents

Disadvantages: May be distracting, lots of ads

Use in the classroom:  Free computer time, allocated maths lesson

3. Brainpop.com

Description:  Animated website with free videos ,worksheets, activities and quizzes

Advantages: Free to sign up, lots of subject areas

Disadvantages: Need to sign up, not all activities are free

Use in classroom: Great for watching informative and interesting videos.


Description: Create cartoons and comics strips online

Advantages: Simple and easy to use, sign up free, availability to export it (save it, email,print)

Disadvantages:  Need to sign up,can get very distracting making it easy for children to get off task

Use in classroom: Get the children to plan a comic strip, then get them to create it online using toondoo. Make sure children stick to their plan so they do not get off task.

5. Survey Monkey

Description: A site which can be used to generate professional surveys.

Advantages: Free, easy to use, you can customize it,looks proffessional

Disadvantages: If you want to access all the features you may need to subscribe for a paid membership, students can write anything in these survey therefore the teacher needs to closely monitor what is being written is appropriate.

Use in classrooms: Surveys can be used in classroom for all sorts of things from what students what to do in their free time on Friday to finding out the most popular food in the school canteen which then can be used for a maths lesson, surveys can also be used so students can give each other of their peers feedback on a presentaion that was presented.

6. Google News Archive

Description: Google news archive is a google search which can be used to search old newspapers.

Advantages: Free, easy to search,easy access, no need to sign up,great tool to use when researching

Disadvantages: Some of the language used may be a little advanced and difficult to understand especially for primary school students.

Use in classroom: Google New archive can be used in all areas at school. Some of these areas may be history,english,science. Google news archive can be used to teach students about different text types such as newspapers and articles, it can also be used for historical content in history as well as teaching students about what a primary source looks like. Students can also use Google archive to help them find information in research tasks.

7. Text2MindMap

Descritption: Text2MinMap is another online brainstorming tool similar to Bubbl.us

Advantages:  Free, no need to login in,quick to use no need to wait long periods for things to load, can be saved.

Disadvantages: Text 2 mind map can be a little confusing when it comes to writing  in your brainstorm as the text can only be written in a certain place, there is also very little variation in colours and fonts.

Use in classroom: Text2MindMap can be used to create simple mind maps in class instead of writing them up by hand.

8. Scootle

Description: Scootle is an education website providing teachers with online digital Le@rning Federation resources, which are linked to the Australian Curriculum as well as ideas for lessons which are also linked to the curriculum.

Advantages: Resources are Australian curriculum linked, easy to access multiple resources, resources cover all the subject areas, easy to use, easy to search for specific resources, sign up is free.

Disadvantages: Need to sign up to use resources

Use in classroom: Scootle resources can definitely be used in the classroom in all learning areas since all resources are supported by the curriculum.

9. Funschool.Kaboose

Description: Funschool.Kaboose is a website where there is interactive educative games, craft ideas,printables and activities online.

Advantages: No need to sign up, games are educative, great craft ideas to use in the classroom,free and interactive as well as a range of topics such as science, under the sea etc.

Disadvantages: American based, some topics don’t relate to what is taught at school, e.g. Girl Power?  this topic is not educative or relevant.

Use in classroom: Funschool.Kaboose can be used when students have free computer time, teachers can also use it to find great craft activities to use in the classroom.

10.Khan Academy

Description: The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website where there is over 4000 videos which  can be searched to teach students everything for Algebra to Humanities.

Advantages:  Free, thousands of videos, set out in a way students can organise their thoughts,easy to use and search for videos,interactive, range of topics.

Disadvantages: Videos may take a while to load, some videos may also be a little confusing and not explain the concept in a clear way

Use in classroom: This should be used with older students since the videos can contain a lot of content, students could use this to revise for tests or exams. In the classroom the teacher may also use Khan Academy to introduce a topic by showing a short video about the topic.


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